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If you take time off from work for childbirth

“Maternity Allowance” is paid when a female insured person cannot earn a salary due to time taken off from work for childbirth.

Maternity Allowance

When a female insured person takes time off from work for childbirth, she is paid two-thirds of her average standard monthly remuneration over the most recent 12-month period ÷ 30 per day off work to help cover living costs during that period. This benefit is referred to as “Maternity Allowance”.

The range of acceptable reasons for taking time off work in this case is broader than for the inability to work, as defined for Injury and Sickness Allowance and it is acceptable to take time off even if you feel that you could work if you tried.

Payment period

Cases in which you are eligible to receive the Maternity Allowance and Injury and Sickness Allowance concurrently

If you are eligible to receive Maternity Allowance and Injury and Sickness Allowance concurrently, payment of the Maternity Allowance will be granted priority. However, if the Maternity Allowance paid is less than the Injury and Sickness Allowance, the difference between the two amounts will be paid.

You are exempt from paying insurance premiums during maternity leave, childcare leave, or other similar leave

To reduce financial burdens while taking childcare or similar leave, Health Insurance Societies exempt insured persons and their employers from the payment of insurance premiums during the period of such leave in cases where employers have applied for such exemption. This exemption applies from the month in which the leave starts through the month immediately preceding the month that includes the day following the end of the leave.
Employers can also apply on behalf of their employees for exemptions from the requirement to pay insurance premiums during the period of maternity leave.

  • ** Period of childcare or similar leave: period of childcare leave for 18 months and period of any similar leave conforming to the system of childcare leave after that point up to the child's third birthday.
  • ** Period of maternity leave: Period during which you did not work due to pregnancy or childbirth, within the period starting 42 days before birth (98 days for multiple births) and ending 56 days after birth